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Justice For Morgan Harrington

Justice For Morgan Harrington

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Posted May 18th, 2013 in My Blog

Morgan Dana Harrington

July 24, 1989 – October 17, 2009
Morgan was abducted at John Paul Jones Arena on Saturday, October 17, 2009.
Dan Harrington reported Morgan missing to University of Virginia Police on Sunday, October 18,2009.
In mid November 2009, Morgan’s Pantera tee shirt was found in the student residential section close to UVA. The police waited months to tell the family and even longer to acknowledge its existence to the public.
On January 26, 2010, Morgan’s body was found in a very isolated spot on the 700 acre Anchorage Farm 6 miles south of where she was last seen.
Virginia State Police believes the location is significant in solving Morgan’s case because her body was found in a place that is almost impossible to access. The isolated and private nature of the place suggest her murderer(s) must have been familiar with the farm either as local residents, previous farm workers or visitors/hunters to the farm.
In Spring 2010, DNA from Morgan’s case was matched with DNA from a 2005 brutal rape that occurred in Fairfax, VA 90 minutes north of Charlottesville.
How Fairfax, Charlottesville, the shirt in the UVA fraternity area, and Anchorage Farm fit together remains unclear. Police remain silent with the public on this case but remain optimistic that the case will be solved.
The Morgan Dana Harrington family continues to work educating young men and women on the importance of safety and community. The family continues to seek justice for Morgan with the Virginia State Police so Morgan’s killer is arrested.
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